San Francisco Introduces 'Hook-Up Truck'

San Francisco Introduces 'Hook-Up Truck'

San Franciscans may lack affordable housing, but they have a new play-toy: the Hook-Up truck. It is nothing more than a traditional truck that gets used for sex, but the truck is called a conceptual “art” installation by its creator, Spy Emerson. 

The box truck comes with the full assortment of gadgets to make San Francisco lovers comfortable, including temperature controls, birth control, safe sex aids, ad a camera for those who want to share their sexual hijinks with others, according to

The truck is available starting May 2. The website for the truck states that the truck is no different from a motel room except that its mobile.

Emerson exclaimed: “This is a game for adults who want to play with sex. You have to be nice, and cool.” She continued, “No Drunks! but everyone is welcome to join us. There will be a party going on all the time!”

Photo: Instagram


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