Sheriff Says Gunman Killed 6 Including Stabbing 3 to Death, Struck 4 with Car

Sheriff Says Gunman Killed 6 Including Stabbing 3 to Death, Struck 4 with Car

On May 24, Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown held a press conference in which he said Elliot Rodger killed six victims on Friday night, including three he stabbed and killed at “his residence” with a knife.

Brown said there were “10 separate locations where criminal activity took place” and in some of the locations there is “more than one crime scene.”

He said Rodger “murdered three victims within his residence prior to the shooting rampage.” He said these three “male victims” appear to have been “repeatedly stabbed.”

After this, Rodger went on the shooting spree, in which Breitbart News reported he sought “retribution” because women had rejected his advances, he was 22-years old and “still a virgin,” and he had never been kissed. 

During the rampage Rodger also wounded four victims by striking them with his car. 

Rodger’s attack ended after coming into contact with four sheriff’s deputies, three of whom were “able to return fire at the suspect, striking…[his] vehicle.” Sheriff Brown said he also believes one of the deputies struck Rodgers “in his left hip area.” 

Rodger then accelerated, drove into a bicyclist, and crashed his vehicle into parked cars. Brown said deputies “then pulled the suspect from the car and handcuffed him. He was obviously dead from an apparent gunshot wound to the head.”

Rodger had three guns in his car. He had passed background checks for all three and had legally purchased them. 

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