Reality Show Sends People to Mars 'With No Hope of Return'

Reality Show Sends People to Mars 'With No Hope of Return'

What might sound like Death Porn to you and I, smells like profits to Hollywood. A new reality show will follow the selection, training, and eventual one-way, 300 million-mile trip to Mars for those “lucky” 705 chosen to colonize the Red Planet.

Deadline reports “there is no hope of return from the voyage” and that “eccentric Dutch billionaire” Bas Landorp (the guy Guy Pearce played in “Prometheus”) is leading this effort. A company called Endemol will produce the series.

Astronaut selection is already underway. Apparently, 200,000 pathetic lunatics desperate to be famous due to a black hole in their lives nothing can fill people have already applied.

The first seven-month voyage is scheduled in 2025. If no one dies by tentacle, other flights will follow. If the first settlers happen to vanish mysteriously, another reality show is planned called “Space Marines: We’re All Gonna Die, Man.”

The reality show documenting the voyage preparation is hoping to begin airing in early 2015.


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