Candidates for Waxman's Seat, in 100 Characters

Candidates for Waxman's Seat, in 100 Characters

Early in the primary race, Breitbart California issued a challenge to each of the 18 contenders for the 33rd congressional district seat currently held by retiring Democrat Rep. Henry Waxman: summarize your candidacy in 100 tweetable characters or less. The experiment was largely a failure, but a few candidates actually responded. Here are the responses, linked to the candidates’ Twitter accounts (if they have them):

Vince Flaherty: I’ve identified 434 things that demand reform. Read how I promise to tackle bureaucracy and waste at

Kristie Holmes: The time is NOW to reform the broken US political system. Stop electing ‘money’ candidates. Legalize, not decriminalize, elect women. 

Kevin Mottus: Kevin Mottus for Congress-More Double Level Freeways, subways, light rail, buses, less traffic, less smog.  Lets go!

Zein ObagiZein Obagi Jr., True Leadership for California on education, transportation & smart economic growth.

Marianne Williamson: Getting money out of politics is the greatest moral challenge of our generation. Until we do, our democracy is at risk