Long Beach Voters Asked to Vote Twice on 'Two-Vote Tuesday'

Long Beach Voters Asked to Vote Twice on 'Two-Vote Tuesday'

Voters in Long Beach, California are casting two ballots this Election Day–the first for the primary election, which encompasses statewide and legislative races; and the second for municipal races, including the election for mayor, City Council, and city attorney, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Voters wishing to vote absentee have been advised that both of their ballots must be received, not postmarked, by 8 pm on Tuesday evening.

For the first time, Los Angeles County’s second-largest city will produce either a black or Latino mayor as real estate investor Damon Dunn and Councilman Robert Garcia face off in Tuesday’s runoff in Long Beach. The city’s non-partisan mayoral race, which began with more than 10 contenders, has topped $2.8 million from fundraising and independent expenditures, the Times notes. 

And with at least five–and possibly six–of the city’s six council seats changing hands due to vacancies, this year’s election marks one of the largest political reshuffles in more than 10 years.