Donnelly Cites New Beginning: 'Submits to God's Will'

Donnelly Cites New Beginning: 'Submits to God's Will'

In a heartfelt video message on the eve that he conceded defeat in California’s gubernatorial primary, Tm Donnelly said that money played a central role in why he did not advance beyond the primary. Instead, Republican rival Neel Kashkari will face Governor Jerry Brown in November’s general election.

“It’s like you get to this point where you just need this much money and you’re never going to get it in time,” Donnelly said in a video posted on the San Francisco Chronicle’s website. He said that the loss was “tough to accept for him.”

Donnelly, who gave up his Assembly seat from San Bernardino County to run for governor, said that he was critiquing all the way into June 3 the mistakes that were made and the things he knew he and his campaign should have done but couldn’t because he didn’t have the resources.

Kashkari, a former Goldman Sachs banker and U.S. Treasury Department official, infused $2 million of his own money into the gubernatorial campaign.

“It’s very painful and hard to deal with, but at the same time a lot of people were praying with me and saying, ‘You need to submit yourself to God’s will,'” Donnelly said.

And while he says it’s “way too early” to surmise what his next move will be career wise, he is optimistic that “this is the beginning of something.” Donnelly said, “I love people and I’ve connected to a lot, and I think that’s worth something.”