Tooshlights to Debut at Women's Stalls in Hollywood Bowl

Tooshlights to Debut at Women's Stalls in Hollywood Bowl

Those seemingly endless lines in the women’s bathroom stalls at the Hollywood Bowl might be cut shorter with the introduction of a red-light and green-light LED signaling system that lets female Bowl patrons know when the stalls are occupied or vacant. The company behind this toilet traffic system is named Tooshlights. Their slogan: “Know Where to Go.”

Women who “used to have to push on the doors to see if anybody was inside or peek through a crack or look under the stall door for feet,” will no longer have to do so and can simply look up to see if a restroom stall is vacant (green light) for use or being occupied (red light), according to Chrissy Whitman, the Bowl’s operations manager, who spoke with the Los Angeles Times. “Women love it,” she said. 

The idea for the time-saving and pedestrian-traffic cutting restroom lights, under the company name Tooshlights, came to former Bowl stage manager Todd Bermann, 52, and his friend Allen Klevens, 41, from their friend Arving Manocha, who is the former Los Angeles Philharmonic Assn. Chief Operating Officer, notes the Times.

Manocha suggested they administer a system similar to the one at the Westfield Century City shopping center which uses lights to direct cars to open stalls in its parking structure, writes the Times

While the lights are currently wired by a magnetic strip, they will be replaced in the future with a “wireless system that can be installed on any stall door” and “will be operated by the door’s latch,” Klevens said.

Reportedly 68 lights have been installed in the women’s restrooms thus far; Klevens told the Times that “the turnover at men’s restrooms with urinals is typically much faster.”


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