California Legislator Turns Tables on Texas

California Legislator Turns Tables on Texas

State Senator Ted Gaines, who represents parts of Northern California, will turn the tables on Texas Gov. Rick Perry this week when he visits Texas to recruit companies to invest in the Golden State. Gov. Perry has become notorious for his frequent visits to, and ad campaigns in, California as he touts Texas as the preferred choice for investment. In one recent visit, Perry made a pitch for Tesla to put its new electric-car battery factory in Texas.

But Gaines, who has helped lead legislative efforts to entice Tesla to stay in California, plans to counter Perry’s effort by talking up his state’s continued leadership in high-tech startups. “We want to remind Texans that California is the state of innovators,” Gaines told Sacramento NBC affiliate KCRA. “…It’s creating all sorts of new companies….We would like those innovators and entrepreneurs to come to California from Texas.”

Gaines said that California, where Tesla was founded, ought to be able to capture some of the manufacturing jobs as well. He said that the main obstacle to the growth of business and the economic health of the state’s middle class remained California’s heavy regulations, and added that legislators needed to do more to foster a positive business climate within the state as well as wooing business from outside its borders. 


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