Democrat Peters Bashes DeMaio: 'Gay Man Running as a Republican'

Democrat Peters Bashes DeMaio: 'Gay Man Running as a Republican'

Democratic San Diego Representative Scott Peters has been caught on camera making contemptuous and dismissive remarks about his openly gay Republican opponent Carl DeMaio. Peters also took a stab at Utah’s Mia Love, who could become the first black female Republican elected to Congress.

While stumping at a Clairemont Democratic Club Meeting in San Diego this month, Peters said, according video and quotes provided by Kyle Becker of the International Journal Review:

Andnow he’s saying, now he’s saying, ‘Well, I’m a gay man, I must bemoderate. I’m pro-choice, I’m pro-environment. And I gotta tell ya,around the country, where people don’t know him, they completely buy it.CarlDeMaio has gotten more–it’s so unusual for them to see a gay manrunning as a Republican.

Now, San Diego’s a little different.We’ve been electing LGBT candidates since the ’90s when Chris Kehoe gotelected. Our district attorney is a lesbian Republican. ‘Well who doesshe have lunch with?

Peters’ statement was followed with laughing agreement from the audience. He then went on to remark on the “novelty” associated with being a gay and even called out a member of his own party:

Andobviously, you know, the Speaker of the Assembly is our own ToniAtkins, who is also… So, we’re pretty used to it, but around the countrythis thought that there would be any gay elected officials is verynovel. 

Atkins defended Peters in a statement offered by the Peters’ campaign. She said, “Scott Peters has a long, impeccablerecord of standing with and fighting for the LGBT community. Anysuggestion to the contrary is ridiculous and an insult to those of uswho know him. San Diegans don’t buy it.”

For someone who is so supportive of the LGBT community, Peters appearsto have a history of slighting DeMaio for being gay. A few months back,the Peter’s campaign posted on its own website that DeMaio was a “Mary,” which is a derogatory term for homosexual men. (Another left-wing group has also slighted DeMaio for his open sexuality.)

Peters then continued to take shots at DeMaio, again jabbing at his homosexuality:

He’s gotten stories in The Wall Street Journal, he’s gotten stories in the National Journal,all puff pieces about how this great, new, moderate, gay Republican iscoming out and running for office. And they’re very psyched about it.And the Republicans in D.C., they love this.

Peters went on to state (incorrectly) that Republicans have zero African American Republicans in Congress:

Theythink, ‘Wow, this guy is gonna change our party’ because all theyneed–they don’t have any out, gay members of Congress, the Republicansdon’t. They also don’t have any African Americans. They’regonna getone and Mia Love in Utah is just a real right-wing person.

In addition to DeMaio, there are two other openly gay Republican candidates seeking election in 2014. They are Richard Tisei of Massachusetts and Dan Innis in New Hampshire.

Peters can be seen giving his anti-gay Republican rant here.


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