Three in Critical Condition, 169 'Walking Wounded' from Napa Quake

Three in Critical Condition, 169 'Walking Wounded' from Napa Quake

A boy was critically injured during Sunday’s 6.0 Quake in Napa when a brick chimney collapsed on him. The boy was one of 172 people who sustained injuries, including concussions and broken bones, and were treated at several hospitals in Napa.

So far only three individuals have been classified as being in critical condition, reported SFGate. The other two people suffered a heart attack and broken hip, according to hospital officials. After the boy was brought in to the Queen of the Valley Hospital in Napa, which treated seventy patients on Sunday, he was airlifted to UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento.

Overall the injuries were less serious, and according to Division Chief Darren Drake of the Napa Fire Department, many of the patients were classified as the “walking wounded.” Meanwhile, Walt Mickens, the UC Davis’s hospital president, said that, “We have no reason to believe we’re not going to get these folks back to a productive life.”

One woman from Napa, Connie Murth, who was holding a bag of ice to her eye didn’t need hospitalization, but like many others suffered minor injuries. “A dresser fell on my face,” she said. Another patient, Andrea Griego, who bruised and cut her leg admitted that, things were very “scary” when she tried to escape from from her house: “You couldn’t get the door open because everything was shaking.”