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CA Mayor Says Bloomberg's Gun Control Group Used His Name 'Illegally'

CA Mayor Says Bloomberg's Gun Control Group Used His Name 'Illegally'

On September 3, the Los Angeles Times reported Mayors Against Illegal Guns submitted a letter on behalf of 69 California mayors in support of the passage of more gun control. 

The problem: at least one of the mayors MAIG claimed to represent–Ridgecrest Mayor Dan Clark–said he did not support the MAIG letter, much less sign it. And he said if MAIG used his name, “they did it illegally.” 

Clark was part of the group at one point, but he said he “resigned from the organization months ago.”

According to The Daily Independent, the MAIG letter was issued in support of AB 1014, the “Gun Violence Restraining Order” legislation currently sitting on Governor Jerry Brown’s (D) desk. AB 1014 would allow family members to petition courts to order the confiscation of guns from those deemed “an immediate and present danger of causing injury.” 

The MAIG letter does, in fact, list Mayor Dan Clark’s name as a signatory. 

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