Irish Exchange Students Inflict Mini-Terrorism on SF Landlord, Flee Country

Irish Exchange Students Inflict Mini-Terrorism on SF Landlord, Flee Country

When a property owner of a Sunset District rental came back home after leasing it to a group of Irish exchange students, she was shocked to see that the occupants had destroyed it.

“They just smashed the house,” San Francisco landlord Ritu Vohra lamented. The apartment looked like a war zone with broken walls, damaged ceilings, shattered windows, and garbage strewn throughout the house. The banister leading up to the second floor was destroyed with its wooden columns and rail chopped up and thrown into a pile like it was firewood.

There was evidence that a golf club was used to demolish items in the house. Moreover, it appears that someone swung from a fixture on the ceiling and dislodged it, leaving it hanging just above head.

Vohra contends that the security deposit from the renters would not cover one of the windows that were busted.

“It’s okay if you have a great sex life, but leaving dirty condoms and dirty panties on the bedroom floor?” Vohra asked incredulously. 

KPIX5 San Francisco reported that only out of the goodness of her heart did Vohra decide to rent the place to foreigners. Because she came from another country on a student visa, she empathized with their circumstances.

San Francisco is one of the most expensive rental markets in the country and she wanted to give the students a break. “I was doing it to be nice,” Vohra said regretfully, “but this is mini terrorism, this is an act of terrorism on me when you destroy my house like this.”

Leaving a trail of destruction in San Francisco, all of the students left and went back to Ireland. The Irish consulate said that they will pursue the students and attempt to get full compensation for the damages. There are good chances that the individuals involved will never be allowed back into the US.


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