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San Diego Mayor: City-Owned Luxury Stadium Boxes Must Go

San Diego Mayor: City-Owned Luxury Stadium Boxes Must Go

SAN DIEGO — Mayor Kevin Faulconer has cut one of the city’s key perks: luxury stadium boxes.

The boxes have been used by those in city government, most notably members of the city council, to reward members of the community. Often the tickets were given to representatives ofcharitable groups or non-profits chosen by the elected officials, butsometimes these great tickets went to political allies. 

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune,Faulconer would like the professional sporting teams to assumeownership of the luxury boxes, in return for compensation to the city–money that could be used for road repairs, fixing up parks, and otherinfrastructure needs.

A spokesman for the Mayor, Craig Gustafson, told the Union-Tribune,about changing the current arrangement regarding luxury box tickets. Now that the Padres season is over, we’ll have a more thoroughdiscussion, just as we will with the Chargers once their season iscompleted.”

San Diego is not the only city where thelocal government officials have these kinds of perks. Just to the north,in Orange County, the Anaheim City Council has similar arrangements atThe Big A, where the Angels play, and at the Honda Center, home of theMighty Ducks.


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