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Facebook Building an App To Keep Out Trolls

Facebook Building an App To Keep Out Trolls

Facebook is developing a new app that will significantly decrease unwanted trolls and spammers.

Internet trolls can continue to create anonymous identities but, Facebook will be able to login on the backend and keep the unwanted kibitzers out. With the new app once the troll is banned they will have to create a new identity, which is easy. However, the app will force a new identity to meet certain requirements in order to participate as a legitimate facebook person.

According to Tech-Crunch, a possible scenario for Facebook will be to make users sign up with their existing Facebook account and perhaps a verified phone number as well. In order for a new user to be recognized, they will need to meet a few Facebook requirements such as having multiple friends and have joined Facebook more than a few months ago.

If the user gets flagged by someone for being bothersome or disgusting or abusive or whatever, Facebook can ban their account.

Now when users are banned they can simply restate themselves and come up with a new identity and continue to repeat their shenanigans. With the new Facebook app, you can sign up again, but you will need a Facebook account that meets the legitimacy threshold, which they can’t produce overnight. They’re locked out.

According to Tech-Crunch, Facebook’s real challenge is making an app that let users feel comfortable in sharing intimate conversation and not be hampered by invasive and unwanted disrupters.


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