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7th Grader in Fresno Busted for Selling Pot Brownies in School

7th Grader in Fresno Busted for Selling Pot Brownies in School

A Fresno seventh-grader who sold marijuana-laced brownies to a fellow classmate at Sequoia Middle School was booked on juvenile drug charges on Thursday.

According to the Fresno Bee, the unnamed 12-year-old boy sold two pot brownies for $5 each to his classmate. Police were called to the school when the classmate became sick after eating one of the brownies. Officers then interviewed the seventh-grader in a school administrator’s office.

The boy reportedly told police that he spotted the marijuana-laced brownies in the refrigerator at his home, and that he wanted to sell them to make extra cash. The brownies apparently belonged to his 25-year-old older brother, who has a medical marijuana card. Police Lt. Joe Gomez told the Bee that police plan to question the older brother as to the ease with which the boy obtained the brownies.

School administrators also reportedly found five additional individually-wrapped brownies in a plastic container. The boy told police that he was not able to sell any on Thursday, because other classmates wanted them for free.


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