Former DeMaio Deputy Campaign Manager Backs Harassment Accuser

Former DeMaio Deputy Campaign Manager Backs Harassment Accuser

Freshman Congressman Scott Peters (D-52) and Republican challenger Carl DeMaio continue to be locked in an increadibly tight, highly contentious and highly targeted Congressional race in San Diego, California. In the midst of aggressive campaigning efforts, former DeMaio policy director Todd Bosnich has accussed the candidate of multiple instances of sexual harassment. Now, former DeMaio Deputy Campaign Manager Alison Rentschler is speaking out in support of Bosnich.

Rentschler openly backs Bosnich, saying that the DeMaio campaign’s claims that Bosnich was fired for plagiarism are simply untrue.

Today Demaio blames Bosnich for the plagiarism and the DeMaio campaign has cited the incident as the reason for firing the former staff member. However, Bosnich’s representative told Breitbart News that their client had told DeMaio at the time where the report had come from.

In a statement to local ABC News affiliate 10 News, Rentschler said, “I worked at the Carl DeMaio campaign as the Deputy Campaign Manager in May 2014 and can confirm Todd was not fired for plagiarism. Carl was very involved with the report and referred to it as his ‘baby.’ I know Todd, he is an honest and trustworthy person.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will not comment on any possible ongoing inquiry into DeMaio’s May campaign office break-in and any sexual harassment allegations. However, Rentschler says she is a witness in such FBI investigations according to 10 News. Breitbart previously reported on the mysterious May break-in.

“I just talked to the FBI last week,” Rentschler said.

Last Monday, San Diego Police and the San Diego District Attorney’s Office said there would be no charges filed from the D.A.’s office as a result of investigations into either the office break-in or sexual harassment claims.


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