Fraudulent Passports Used in Illegal Alien Border Crossings

Associated Press

Illegal aliens from El Salvador and Mexico have been using fraudulent passports in an attempt to cross the U.S. southern border, four of which were caught in their attempts over the weekend.

Border Patrol officers at the downtown Calexico port of entry caught a jittery 35-year old El Salvadorian national Saturday as the man presented a U.S. passport that did not belong to him. After further investigation officers discovered the fraud. The illegal alien was charged for felony misuse of a passport and transported to the Imperial County Jail.

Sunday three others were also found to be fraudulently attempting to pass off U.S. passports as their own in order to cross into the U.S. One was a 28-year old Salvadorian female and two others, a 26-year old woman and a 28-year old man, were Mexican citizens. Each was charged with felony misuse of a passport as Saturday’s El Salvadorian man and were sent to the Imperial County Jail.

Breitbart’s Ildefonso Ortiz reported this week on birth certificates and fake identification documents being sold over Facebook along the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas. Many other items and services were also available for sale through various social media accounts. Citizen journalist Erasmo Castro reportedly, “routinely submits photos of the posts to Brownsville Police and other agencies in an effort to get them involved in the case.”

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