Smartphone Dooms Laptop


With the evolution of smart phone technology, the laptop could go the same way as GPS devices, portable game machines, cell phones and hand held mini-cameras.

The tech blog of the Mercury News Silicon Beat speculates that because the smartphone processors are improving exponentially, it is a matter of time that laptops will become obsolete. Already Palm and Motorola have “dumb laptops” that operate by attaching a smart phone. Yet so far they have not caught on with consumers.

Prior attempts at smart phone generated “PCs” have failed for a variety of reasons including, poor design, too expensive, security issues, lacking power and/or poor marketing.

The Beat informs that considering that smart phones already have highly potent processors, are equipped with built in connectivity, and have the ability to draw upon the Cloud, it’s only  a matter of time before the transition to smart phone powered “dumb laptops” is a reality.

Now that your smartphone can call Uber, deliver marijuana and alcohol, it will also save you from lugging one more thing into the office.


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