Residents Angry with DMV Clogged by Illegal Aliens: ‘They’re rewarding people who broke the law’

DR Licnese mage

California’s new law of extending drivers licenses to illegal aliens has resulted in chaos for DMVs across California.

Many residents now complain that the estimated 100,000 new applicants are overwhelming registration lines and turning parking lots into veritable merry-go-rounds of circling cars competing for vanishing parking spots. The O.C. Register reported that the plethora of new license applicants means greater wait times, taking weeks and sometimes months to secure a DMV appointment.

Breitbart News reported on Saturday that the majority of the applicants coming into the DMV frequently have to come back because of their inability to pass the written drivers exam.

Melissa Riddle, who objects to the new law, brought her daughter in for an appointment to help her register for a license. “What’s the point of having an appointment if we’re two hours in already and still standing in line?” she queried.

Others waiting to take written tests from San Dimas, San Diego, and the Long Beach area complained that they had arrived at 8 a.m. and didn’t learn until 7 p.m. that they would not be helped that day, so they should go home. Adding insult to injury, they were left waiting until then, even though the testing for the day ended at 4:30 p.m.

“If we had known, we wouldn’t have stayed,” said Angie Freligh of Lakewood, who was also taking her son for his first license test. “I hope this isn’t a long-term thing… This means a lot to teenagers. For my son, he’s been looking forward to this forever.”

DMV offices across Orange County plan to deliver more than one million drivers licenses to illegal immigrants over the next three years. That objective doesn’t sit well with Jim Carithers, a Fountain Valley resident who went to the Westminster DMV office to replace his lost driver’s license. “They’re rewarding people who broke the law, which doesn’t make sense to me.”


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