2/3 of Illegal Aliens Fail Spanish Version Of Written Drivers License Test

drivers license dity-20150102
AP Photo/Nick Ut
San Jose, CA

A new California law granting drivers license privileges to illegal aliens has hit a speed bump now that  50 percent of them are failing the English version of the written test and two-thirds of the applicants are failing the Spanish version.

The new law permits tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants. who have been driving without licenses for decades, the ability to drive legally in the Golden State. The law, known as AB 60, provides for four new DMV immigrant centers, which processed 46,000 applications over the first three days alone.

The San Jose office reports getting about a thousand visitors a day. According to CBS SF Bay Area, people line up in the early morning hours to start the process of becoming legal drivers.

Luis Rodriguez, an unlicensed driver standing in line, admitted that he has worried quite a bit about the police pulling him over. “You know they take the car and it’s expensive when you try to get it back,” he said.

California has hired at least 900 workers to begin to handle the influx of new applicants. Breitbart News reported earlier in the month that last year in Nevada 71% of illegal immigrants failed the written exam in the first three days.

To prevent a repeat of excessive test failure the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) had provided free test prep classes to illegal immigrants in the final months of 2014.

So far the prepping appears not to have worked.