Seeking More Spending, De Leon Says Gov. Brown Doesn’t Get the Poor

AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli,File
AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli,File

On Thursday, Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon accused California Governor Jerry Brown of ignorance regarding the poor, urging Brown to spend more of the state’s funding on child care for working mothers.

De Leon told the Sacramento Press Club, “I think that perhaps the governor just needs some more education so that he can, you know, better understand what’s happening in California,” according to

De Leon would not offer specifics of any plan he had, but he said he would bring a bill to increase subsidized child care for working parents. De Leon would not criticize the allocations of Brown’s record $113 billion state budget, noting that the state’s education allocations receive the bulk of the state’s surplus funds, but said he would consider raising taxes.

Brown’s office had no comment. Brown has pointed out that one-third of the state’s budget already is spent on child care, health care, and other programs that benefit the poor, saying, “We do the best we can.”

De Leon has his own priorities when it comes to money, as The Sacramento Bee reported:

In October, he staged an elaborate “inauguration” in downtown Los Angeles costing $50,000 – money donated to a Latino political fund by corporate interests – and earning him more bad press. Then, after taking office, de Leon dumped dozens of Senate staffers, claiming a budget shortfall forced his hand but never providing hard financial data.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the “inauguration” of the Walt Disney Concert Hall was funded “with foundation money from corporate interests with regular business before lawmakers.”


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