Death Star Launches at Legoland

Death Star (Legoland / Facebook)
Legoland / Facebook

Luke Skywalker maneuvers his X-Wing fighter through the combat zone around the infamous Death Star in a new 500,000-brick Legoland Star Wars exhibit unveiled this week at the California theme park.




The new Death Star portion of the Star Wars exhibit spans eight feet in width, towers 13 feet high and weighs a crushing 1900 pounds. That’s almost one ton of Legos.

“It only means growth for Carlsbad and bringing more business for Carlsbad,” Legoland spokeswoman Julie Estrada told 10 News.

Star Wars fans will relive the famous trench run scene as they watch the combat scenes brought to life with active X-Wings, TIE Fighters and Y-Wings and featuring a planet-destroying upper laser.

Legoland California Resort will be celebrating completion of the new Death Star with Star Wars Days this weekend, March 7-8, complete with Star Wars-related activities for fans of the two epic empires, Lego and Star Wars.

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