Jerry Brown to Take Climate Change Theology to ‘Level of Crusade’


Sunday devout global warming believer Governor Jerry Brown at first hesitated when host Chuck Todd asked him on Meet The Press if California’s four year drought was directly attributable to climate change. But, the climate change zealot ultimately went into a spirited and somewhat incoherent rant espousing what is most important to him–other than allowing for millions of illegal aliens to gain drivers licenses and welfare subsides.

“Well they say the scientists know more about it” Brown momentarily wavered while answering Todd. “But I will tell you this. There is research that says that there is a connection between the current drought and the extreme weather in the east and other parts of the world. The UN has said that 40 % of the world is suffering from a water shortage.”

Ironically, the extreme weather that Brown alludes to in the east, i.e. the record cold weather and unsurpassed snow levels in many eastern cities like Boston, persuades the governor that the planet is heating up.

Todd summarized Brown’s statement and asked, “So are you saying that your scientists are not yet connecting this drought to climate change?”  Brown responded with a mesmerizing rant bordering on complete gibberish,

Well what I mentioned is to particularize a particular storm or absence of rain in a given week, you can’t tie that into the buildup of the presence of carbon dioxide, methane and other green house gasses. We know there is some connection and we know that this drought is just the kind of things that are absolutely inevitable that in the coming years and decades. And it builds up slowly. That’s the challenge. And it becomes irreversible.

Brown warned that there is no time for delay in combating climate change:

So you can’t just sit around and engage in rhetoric, because some of your donors and your constituents say ‘We want to make profit.’ The coal companies are not as important as the people of America and the people of the world. I think that this has to be almost at the level of a crusade to whip people up and take the steps intelligently, carefully, and nevertheless forcefully from this point going forward.


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