California Gun Owner Suing LAPD for Confiscating, Destroying His Firearms

AP Photo/Al Behrman
AP Photo/Al Behrman

California gun owner Alan Minato is suing the Los Angeles Police Department for confiscating his firearms–valued at $75,000–and destroying them.

Minato is a South Pasadena resident who runs two Los Angeles strip clubs–Sam’s Hofbrau and the Crazy Horse.

The confiscation took place “after a child at [Minato’s] address shot and injured a sibling,” but Minato points out that no arrests were made as a result of the incident, nor were charges brought.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, court records confirm that Minato was not charged, yet his guns were taken and destroyed.

Minato argued that “all such firearms and property were legally obtained, properly registered and lawfully in the possession of the [p]laintiff.”

The guns were confiscated in 2010. LAPD Media Relations’ Officer Mike Lopez says the department “typically confiscates all firearms in the home during such investigations, but that the owner receives a receipt including instructions for requesting the items’ return.”

Minato said he tried many times to get his guns back but “was only told he’d be notified when they were available.” Then, in October 2013, he was told that his firearms had been destroyed.

Police indicate that “seven of the guns were not registered in the Automated Firearms Record,” yet “it is not illegal to own an unregistered handgun.”

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