Court Dismisses Armed Robber’s Suit Against Store Owner Who Shot Him

AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills
AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills

The case against Wilmington, California, pawn shop owner Arturo Rios has been thrown out. Rios was being sued by the estate of Brandon Lincoln, a suspect who was shot and killed during an attempted armed robbery of Rios’s shop in August 2010.

According to NRA-ILA:

Four armed robbers entered Arturo Rios’s jewelry store and pawn shop in the Southern California working-class city of Wilmington.  Mr. Rios was in the back of the store when the four hooded and armed robbers with street gang affiliations broke in, pulled hammers and clubs, and rushed Mr. Rios and his assistant.

Mr. Rios, fearing for his and his assistant’s life, drew a pistol and fired at the robbers. Several of the assailants were shot, and they all ran out of the store. One of the robbers collapsed and died in the street in front of the store. The deceased robber was identified as Brandon Lincoln.

Following an investigation, “police found that Mr. Rios’ actions and use of force in defending himself and his assistant were legally justified.” Of the remaining three suspects, two were captured, charged, and sentenced–one receiving “30-years-to-life” and the other “16-years-to-life.” The third living suspect has yet to be caught or identified.

Despite police confirmation that Rios acted in self-defense and the heavy sentences handed down to two of the three suspects, a wrongful death suit was brought against Rios by Lincoln’s estate.

Michel & Associates represented Rios, and the case against him has now been dismissed.

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