Motorcycle Lane Splitting to Become Law in California

Motorcycle Lane-Splitting
Associated Press

If you’ve ever been unnerved by motorcycles weaving in between lanes of traffic be prepared to be even more on edge now that California lawmakers aim to make it legal.

Thursday the California assembly, in a 53 to 11 landslide vote,  approved AB 51 that will allow motorcycles to split lanes at speeds no faster than 50 mph and not to exceed 15 mph more than traffic in adjacent lanes is moving.

The Sacramento Bee reported that this will make California the first state to have such a law, however, other states are also considering making it legal.

The most common type of accident on the road is a rear-ender—making up 40% of all accidents—reported While most of these are minor fender benders between car drivers, when a vehicle slams into the back of a motorcycle there are no minor accidents. Motorcyclists argue that by splitting lanes, they can avoid rear end crashes.

Cheryl Hale of Concord is not in favor of the proposed legislation. “They are bullies on the road, and they expect everyone to move over,” she said. “Most are lane-splitting when traffic is not only going very slow. This would be very bad legislation.”

The legislation is supported by law enforcement groups and the American Motorcyclist Association.


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