Officers, Firemen ‘Run and Gun’ For Medals In San Diego

San Diego PD (AP)
AP via Breitbart News

On May 30, San Diego hosted the U.S. Police and Fire Championships, drawing officers and firemen from around the country for a biathlon that involved “running 3 miles and pistol-shooting at human-likeness targets.”

A total of 31 individuals competed.

According to the Times of San Diego, under “National Rifle Association rules, contestants run a mile, shoot 12 rounds standing, run another mile, shoot another 12 rounds and finish with a third mile.” The guns they use are required to be “.38-caliber or larger” and “totally stock police-duty firearms such as would be issued to a police recruit in the academy.”

Central Marin Police Authority’s Patty Monge told the Times: “It’s a good way to network and you see studly athletes. You see some phenomenal athletes, and you want to say, ‘Why are you a cop or fireman? You could be a professional.’”

Some of the participants in the San Diego games will now take part in “the World Police & Fire Games in late June in Fairfax, Virginia, and surrounding areas.”

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