Exclusive–Grieving Mom’s Letter to Obama: ‘You AGAIN, invited a KNOWN ILLEGAL ALIEN to the White House’

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Sabine Durden, a legal immigrant from Germany, wrote a letter to President Obama in response to the presence of an illegal alien at the White House reception observing LGBT Pride Month.

Durden is also the mother of a child killed by an illegal alien.


At the White House ceremony, the illegal alien heckled the president about deportations. Durden told Breitabrt News that she was inspired to write to the President asking why he continues to allos illegal aliens into the White House.

President Obama rebuked the heckler, who had been invited to the event: “No, no, no, you’re in my house.”

Durden told Breitbart News, “I decided to write to the President because it is highly upsetting that he continues to invite illegals to the White House, but never spoke to any of us who lost so dearly.”

Durden lost her only son, Dominic, in 2012. Dominic was of mixed-race parentage–a point that Durden wished to highlight in the context of nationwide “Black Lives Matter” protests.

In her letter, which is embedded below, Durden criticizes the president for inviting illegal aliens to his events: “WHEN do legal citizens that have been affected by this immigration issue, get a chance to share their side of the story with you?” (original emphasis).

06.25.15 Durden Letter to Obama by michedia


Durden told Breitbart News about her son,

Dominic (30 years old) my only child and my best friend was killed (7-12-12) by a guy from Guatemala that was in the USA illegally for many years and had committed many crimes, including a felony armed robbery and 2 DUI’s. He never followed our laws (no license, no insurance or car registration) but expected our laws to protect him when he was arrested. It took me 1.5 years and many letters and trips to the immigration detention center to finally get a little justice and have him deported in March of 2014.

I am all for immigration and people finding a better way of life, but it has to be done the legal and right way. Too many American citizens lose loved ones because of this issue.

On July 12, family and friends will gather to celebrate the anniversary of Dominic’s death.

Ms. Durden was one of many protesters against illegal immigration in Murrieta, California in July 2014. She and her fiancé, Anthony Coulter, spoke with Breitbart there.

Coulter told Breitbart in an on-camera statement,

This [illegal] is not a racial word. Do you see white? Do you see black? Do you see Hispanic? Do you see Chinese, Vietnamese? Oh I’ll take it a step further. Do you see rich? Do you see poor? Do you see human? Do you see inhuman?

I’m speaking for him [Dominic Durden]. African Americans really, I love us, as we’ve been duped too. And I’m not angry at us. We’re not here, because we’ve been duped also.

Sabine Durden told Breitbart News, “I am a legal immigrant and became a citizen 1993.” It was here in the United States that she says her son was killed by the actions of an illegally present foreign national.

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