Man Robs Two 13-Year-Olds of Lemonade Money

Lemonade stand (John Mosbaugh / Flickr / CC)
John Mosbaugh / Flickr / CC

On Wednesday, two thirteen-year-olds selling lemonade in Rancho Cucamonga were allegedly robbed by an 18-year-old man after they offered him a glass of lemonade for free.

According to the Daily Mail, Julie Jacobs and Chase Anderson were selling the lemonade for $1 per glass around 3:45 p.m. on Wednesday when the suspect, Santini Tate, from Riverside, approached them and said he had no cash. The girls offered him a glass of lemonade, which he took as he walked away, but almost immediately, he reversed course, shoved the stand over and stole the girls’ money box before fleeing. The money box contained $30, according to KTLA.

Jacobs told CBS Los Angeles, “He just ran back and kind of pushed the table towards us and took the money and just kept running. We got up and started screaming, ‘Come back!’ And then this lady came by and she called the police.” Keiran Anderson, Chase’s brother, joined a friend and pursued Tate. They retrieved the empty box, but Tate took off with the money.

After obtaining a description of Tate, Deputy Beau Butters found him within 10 minutes along with the $30; the girls identified him as the thief.

The police release stated that Tate was booked at the West Valley Detention Center on suspicion of strong robbery. According to ABC7, Tate may be suspected in other robberies that occurred on Wednesday.



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