‘Speak English!’ Viral Video Shows Clash at L.A. IHOP

Speak English (Screenshot / Carlos Steven Vasquez / Facebook)
Screenshot / Carlos Steven Vasquez / Facebook

Video of two women hurling insults at one another at a Koreatown IHOP has gone viral after a man, who says he is the son of one of the women and who joined in the fight, posted the argument to Facebook.

It is hard to make out the first words of the blue-shirted woman shown in the video, but as the argument ensues, the two women become agitated, as the son of the largely off-camera woman joins in while filming.

“You can’t say that to my mom,” said Carlos Vasquez, the son, in the video. He says the woman in blue started it with comments about his mother not speaking to him in English.

“You’re stupid. You’re stupid,” said Norma Vasquez, the woman expressing offense at the speaking English comments. She briefly appeared on camera clearly distressed.

Visibly upset, the blue shirted woman said, “We speak English in America.”

The women yell at each other back and forth before Carlos Vasquez chimes in, “Don’t be racist like that.”

The unidentified woman talks about not wanting Nazis or Fascists back.

“You have to change your heart or you’re gonna die really soon. You’re gonna die really soon,” Carlos Vasquez said.

“That’s why I’m voting no for Trump. No for Trump. No for Donald Trump,” he continued.

Vasquez and his mother Norma Vasquez later spoke with NBC Los Angeles. Ms. Vasquez said she felt awful and worthless after the exchange.

Though the woman featured on camera is said to be a regular at the IHOP, NBC LA was has not been able to determine her identity or track her down for comment.

NBC LA reported that Norma Vasquez came to the United States from El Salvador 30 years ago.

The video posted to the Facebook page of Carlos Steven Vasquez had over 430,000 shares and over 15 million views as of Tuesday afternoon. NBC News’ attempts to contact IHOP for comment have received no reply.

A note to the Facebook post of the video reads, “Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact – licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom”

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