Cops, Media Barred From Black Lives Matter Meeting

Black Lives Matter
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The Los Angeles chapter of Black Lives Matter says it’s banning media, elected officials and law enforcement from an upcoming meeting to be held Sunday, September 13th in Inglewood, California.

As Black Lives Matter Los Angeles posted on their Facebook page:

Next Black Lives Matter — Los Angeles General Meeting confirmed for SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13TH AT 7PM, CHUCO’S JUSTICE CENTER — 1137 E. Redondo Blvd., Inglewood (off Florence and West Blvd, just west of Crenshaw).

On the agenda:

-Discussion re: targeting of BLM & BLM activists

-LA Police Commission actions
-Discussion re: Redel Jones
-Much more

As always, this is a family-friendly space. Please feel free to bring your children.

No media, law enforcement, or elected officials (or their representatives).

Allies welcome.

The secrecy of the event is troubling, given the fact that Black Lives Matter frequently attends, impedes and makes threats at public meetings.

For example, the agenda of the Black Lives Matter meeting that the media is barred from attending says that the group will discuss the case of Redel Jones, a woman who was shot and killed by police in Los Angles after she allegedly robbed a store and then came at a police officer with a large knife.

Despite the media whitewash that Black Lives Matter is against “police brutality” and the killing of unarmed blacks by the police, the Redel Jones case shows the movement is against law enforcement as such and often turns criminals in martyrs.

As the Los Angeles Times reported on Redel Jones:

According to the report, the officers were chasing Jones down an alley near Santo Tomas Drive and Marlton Avenue when they saw her pull out a large knife. The officers ordered her to drop the weapon, the report said, but Jones continued to run.

When Jones “suddenly stopped and turned toward the officers,” the report said, one officer used his Taser, “which did not appear to have an effect.” Jones allegedly “began to advance toward one of the officers while still armed with the knife,” resulting in the shooting.

Money and a robbery demand note were found in her clothing, the document said, and the knife was near her body.

Despite the facts, the Los Angeles Black Lives Matter chapter has made Redel Jones a cause of theirs and have used it to throw a monkey wrench in public meetings. As reported in August:

For the second week in a row, community members forced the Police Commission to an early recess when members of Black Lives Matter and other groups became disorderly.

In a call-and-respond chant, several activists shouted “Say her name” followed by “Redel Jones.”

One activist also made ominous threats about the case:

“We’re going to get justice or else,” said Jasmine Richards from the Pasadena chapter of Black Lives Matter. “I’m tired of playing with you guys. This is a letter to you from black folks, the hood, people from the ghetto — take it how you want to, but you’re not going to rest easy tonight.”

Jasmine Richards — the Black Lives Matter activist who made the “justice or else” threat and who was involved in the Ferguson, Missouri riots — has been arrested twice in recent months. In April, she was arrested on two outstanding warrants for terrorist threats, assault, trespassing, and petty theft, and most recently for “lynching,” after she interfered with police making an arrest.

Richards also recently disrupted a police commission meeting.

Ironically, for a group that is barring media from their event, Black Lives Matter Los Angeles has defended Richards on “free speech” grounds.


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