San Francisco’s ‘Most Beautiful’ Spot Filled with Human Waste

Clarion Alley San Francisco (torbakhopper / Flickr / CC / Cropped)
torbakhopper / Flickr / CC / Cropped

A place in San Francisco’s Mission District that was recently named one of the “most beautiful spots” in the city by San Francisco Travel Magazine has turned into an outdoor toilet, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

San Francisco’s human waste problem has reportedly extended far beyond its downtown region, seeing a 2.5-fold increase since Mayor Ed Lee has taken office four years ago.

“Every time you get between the cars, you can look and see crap, piss, throw-up, whatever,” San Francisco resident Rick Crecy told the Chronicle. “I’ve seen people banging heroin, sleeping, having sex, everything. And it’s much worse now than it ever was.”

The Chronicle notes that from January of this year to mid-October, the city has received over 2,600 calls to its 311 Web portal complaining about feces and urine on the side walks and that at least 250 pieces of human solid waste were reported on Sycamore Street, Mission Street and Clarion Alley in the past year alone.

A large part of this problem has been attributed to the city’s homeless population. The bustling city’s housing crisis is a major factor in the city’s dwindling aesthetic. A rapper form the Bay Area recently made headlines when he blamed Mayor Lee for the displacement of thousands.

In July of this year, seven of San Francisco’s most urine-prone walls were painted with pee-repellant paint that sprays the pee right back onto their shoes and pants of the individual committing the unsavory act. The paint appears to be working so far.

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