UC Merced Mass Stabber’s Manifesto References Allah, Reveals Plan to Ambush Police, Steal Their Guns

University of California, Merced via AP
University of California, Merced via AP

Faisal Mohammad–the UC Merced mass stabber who stabbed two students, a student adviser, and a construction worker on Wednesday–left behind a manifesto revealing he also planned to ambush campus police, steal their guns, and shoot fellow students who had “barred [him] from a study group.”

Mohammad referenced Allah in his manifesto, yet Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke , suggests the “[18-year-old] student was motivated by personal animosities and the attacks had nothing to do with religion or terrorism.”

According to the Associated Press, Mohammad “planned to use plastic zip ties to bind the hands of his classmates to their desks,” then send “a fake distress call to police,” ambush arriving officers, and steal their guns. He had a specific list of students he then planned to shoot, including those who kept him from being in the study group.

Sheriff Warnke states that Mohammad planned more than he could accomplish. “He had delusions of grandeur,” the sheriff asserts. “I don’t think he had any actual capability to carry it out.”

Breitbart News previously reported that Mohammad entered a classroom Wednesday morning and stabbed a male student. A construction worker, Byron Price, who was doing a remodel on campus responded to the noises of the attack and was himself stabbed by Mohammad while trying to intervene. Sheriff Warnke made clear that Price probably saved the first student’s life. Mohammad then fled the building and stabbed another student and a student adviser once outside.

It is interesting to note that Sheriff Warnke says there was “[no] evidence of mental illness” with Mohammad. That is an important point because the left typically explains mass public attacks as an outgrowth of mental illness, which require the passage of more laws.

Ish Patel, one of Mohammad’s high school friends in Santa Clara, was surprised to learn of the mass stabbing. Patel said, “[Mohammad] was quiet, but he was really friendly. He was intelligent, too — he performed well academically.” He observed that Mohammad enjoyed basketball, going to the mosque to pray, and playing video games with his friends.

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