Facebook Rolls out ‘Breakup’ Feature for Lovelorn

Breakup post (Satish Krishnamurthy / Flickr / CC)
Satish Krishnamurthy / Flickr / CC

That terribly public social media breakup announcement may get a smidgen less awkward with a little help from a new, custom Facebook feature debuting now on U.S. mobile devices nationwide.

The enhanced feature allows users to avoid an ex’s host of posts and photos, maybe even those with his or her new love, without blocking or “unfriending” the ex. Fox 11 News reports that if the project goes well, it may be rolled out into the worldwide market.

Using the new feature, users in the process of changing a relationship status on the vastly popular social media site will be prompted to adjust how much of the ex’s activity the user sees. A “see less” option is one that will pop up after that relationship status changes, and the ex will in turn see less from the user, according to TechCrunch.

But wait–will your ex know you are limiting the flow of information? No says TechCrunch, though there’s no saying if that former sweetheart will notice when you untag yourself from past posts and photos. Untagging cane be done individually or through a bulk purge.

“See less” will halt the flow of the ex’s posts in your news feed and suggestions won’t come up to message or tag them in posts.

Facebook has reassured users that these tools will be available even after they have changed their relationship status.

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