Gun Used to Kill ‘Peace’ Muralist Stolen from ICE Agent’s Car

Antonio Ramos Mural Oakland

On Thanksgiving, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that the gun used to shoot and kill “anti-violence” muralist Antonio Ramos had been stolen from the car of two ICE agents just over two weeks prior to the murder.

The gun was a Glock 26. Marquise Holloway stands accused of using it to kill Ramos on September 29.

According to the Chronicle, one thing is clear–the gun was stolen from the ICE Agents’ rented vehicle. San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr confirmed that when they “put the firearm in the system…it came back to [the] auto burglary.”

What is not clear is how Holloway ended up with the gun. The burglary itself was allegedly solved on October 21, when “San Francisco police arrested Sean Gibson, 25, of San Francisco in connection with the burglary of the rented Kia Sedona as well as other crimes.” Gibson is pleading “not guilty,” claiming that he did not steal the gun and is therefore not tied to the murder.

Holloway has had court appearances, but they have been cut short because of his “unruly” outbursts in the courtroom. He has confessed to shooting Ramos “but said it was an accident.” His next court appearance is scheduled for November.

On July 1, Kathryn Steinle was allegedy shot and killed by Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez with a gun that had been stolen from a Bureau of Land Management agent’s car four days earlier.

The following month, Breitbart News reported that UC Berkely Police Chief Margo Bennett’s car was robbed while she was jogging. The suspect was able to take Bennett’s gun, ammunition, badge, ID card, laptop, cell phone, and some jewelry.

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