Famous Developer May Go to Jail Because of Huge Home

Mohamed Hadid (Charles Sykes / Associated Press)
Charles Sykes / Associated Press

A famous property developer who helped develop the Ritz-Carlton developments in Washington and Aspen, Colorado may go to jail because his gargantuan 30,000 square foot Bel-Air, California residence, nicknamed the “Starship Enterprise,” which boasts several floor levels balanced on a hillside and includes a 70-seat IMAX cinema, violated city planning orders.

Mohamed Hadid, 67, the father of celebrity models, Gigi and Bella Hadid, is facing three misdemeanor charges, according to the Los Angeles Times, including an illegal use of land, building without a permit, and failing to obey orders from the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety to follow city provisions.

Hadid, who has appeared on the reality TV shows Shahs of Sunset and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, started building his home at 901 Strada Vecchia in 2011, posting pictures on his Instagram account under the hashtag #themodernhouseofhadid.

The area in which Hadid lives features homes of other famous people, including Nancy Reagan, Berry Gordy and Jennifer Aniston, as well as the neighbor spearheading the effort to stop Hadid’s massive building, Joe Horacek, a powerful entertainment lawyer.

Horacek has created a legal file, buttressed by information from a geologist and a civil engineer, that argues Hadid’s home could threaten other homes if a landslide from heavy rains occurs.

Hadid was ordered by authorities to destroy the unapproved structures. When he continued building after 10 stop notices, charges were filed.

TMZ reports Hadid continues to ignore the city’s threats, regarding the charges as “a parking ticket.” Hadid’s lawyer, Bruce Rudman, said Hadid had followed the council’s orders, but also said that landslides did not endanger the structure. He insisted Horacek was simply looking for publicity, but Horacek responded that over 100 residents support him.

As the New York Times reported, Hadid seemingly can ignore the efforts to stop him because the home is owned by a shell company. The Times wrote, “‘themodernhouseofhadid’ belongs not to Mr. Hadid but to an entity that keeps the actual owner at a legal remove — a shell company named 901 Strada L.L.C.”


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