DHS Wants More Jail Space for Illegal Aliens

The Department of Homeland Security wants to rent more space in jails in Chicago, Detroit, Minnesota, and Utah, to hold more illegal immigrants before their repatriation, according to a federal request to companies.

Former NFL football star O.J. Simpson enters for his parole hearing at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Lovelock, Nev., on Thursday, July 20, 2017. Simpson was convicted in 2008 of enlisting some men he barely knew, including two who had guns, to retrieve from two sports collectibles sellers some items …

O.J. Gets Parole, but What Happens Then?

After serving nine years in jail for armed robbery, on Thursday O.J. Simpson was awarded a promise of parole by a Nevada parole board. But the decision doesn’t simply end O.J.’s obligations to the Nevada criminal justice system. Simpson still faces years of requirements, any violation of which could send him right back to prison.


Murder Suspect Caught Taking Selfies Behind Bars

A Georgia woman accused of robbing, beating, and burning a grandmother who later died has been caught taking selfies and posting them to social media while behind bars.

Mohamed Hadid (Charles Sykes / Associated Press)

Famous Developer May Go to Jail Because of Huge Home

A famous property developer who helped develop the Ritz-Carlton developments in Washington and Aspen, Colorado may go to jail because his gargantuan 30,000 square foot Bel-Air, California residence, nicknamed the “Starship Enterprise,” which boasts several floor levels balanced on a hillside and includes a 70-seat IMAX cinema, violated city planning orders.

AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit

Thai Student Actors to Spend Two Years in Jail for Theatre Performance

Two actors in Thailand will spend the next two years behind bars, after a court found them guilty of insulting the country’s royal monarchs during a 2013 student performance. Patiwat Saraiyaem, 23, and Pornthip Munkong, 26, were each handed separate five-year