Famous Developer May Go to Jail Because of Huge Home

A famous property developer who helped develop the Ritz-Carlton developments in Washington and Aspen, Colorado may go to jail because his gargantuan 30,000 square foot Bel-Air, California residence, nicknamed the “Starship Enterprise,” which boasts several floor levels balanced on a hillside and includes a 70-seat IMAX cinema, violated city planning orders.

Mohamed Hadid (Charles Sykes / Associated Press)

Obama Expands Refuge to Stop Oil Drilling–Where No Oil Exists

To buy peace with climate change activists after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determined that oil fracking does not poison water, President Obama has signed an executive order tripling the size of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, just north of San Francisco. The order bans oil drilling in the area Obama renamed the “Greater” Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. The move is merely symbolic, since there are no oil reserves in the area.

Farallones (chris / Flickr / CC)

George Lucas Plans Subsidized Housing Project on Own Property

After facing slew of criticism from his neighbors in Marin County over plans to expand Skywalker Ranch studio for a third and final time, George Lucas has opted instead to turn his plot of land into subsidized housing, in what many of his neighbors are calling payback in the form of class warfare.

George Lucas Reuters

Texas Swingers Club Vows to Swing Back Against Authorities

The owners of a 4,680-square-foot home in Arlington, Texas, have been ordered to cease-and-desist holding swingers club parties in the residence. According to NBCDFW and the Arlington Star-Telegram, the owners say they are not embarrassed and will continue to have “like-minded friends” in their home, advertised in their website as “Eutopia.” They will fight the City’s efforts to stop their weekend parties.

arlington swingers club