Christmas Eve Carjacking Ends with a Maserati Bang


A Christmas Eve car jacking had the makings of a Hollywood thriller, with a luxury vehicle winding up smashed and stuck on a curb on Santa Monica after a high-speed police chase involving helicopters.

According to local Fox affiliate in Los Angeles Fox 11, police said the car’s owner was leaving work when he was approached from behind with a sharp object and forced to give his Maserati up.

“The victim was going to his car coming out of his business and the suspect walked up behind him and pointed a sharp object in his back and told him to release the car to him,” Sgt. Rodney Carter with the LAPD West Los Angeles division reportedly said.

However, several hours later his girlfriend spotted the suspect driving around their neighborhood in the Maserati, and she alerted police,  which set off the chase that ended at California and 16th Street in Santa Monica.

Two parked Hondas were hit in the mess, and the entire right side of the Maserati was smashed, including its two right tires.

The entire pursuit lasted for 10 minutes, NBC4 notes. The carjacking suspect was reportedly arrested on the scene.

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