Pacific Palisades Nazi Hideout to Be Demolished


A Pacific Palisades hideout, which was originally constructed as a compound for Nazi sympathizers prior to WWII, is going to be demolished.

The former hideout—which is now a run-down building riddled with graffiti and trash—is located on Murphy Ranch.

LAist reports that the property on which the hideout sits was originally purchased “by Winona and Norman Stephens and a German known as Herr Schmidt” in 1933. Schmidt sympathized with the Nazis and “was able to convince the Stephens that the Nazis would eventually take over the United States… [so] they embarked on building a safe-haven that would be self-sustaining.”

But preparations for the Nazis came to abrupt halt when “authorities raided the compound the day after Pearl Harbor was bombed.” They took “Schmidt… into custody and the Stephens sold the property after the war.”

After fire damage in the late 1970s, the old hideout became a magnet for vagrants and “a popular location for taggers and urban explorers.” In the end, it became an eyesore, too.

According to LAHIKES, a park ranger says, “This location has finally became such an annoyance for the city that they have finally decided to tear it down. And looks like they are finally going through with it, despite many past threats to demolish.”

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