EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE: Stabbings, Bloody Melee at KKK Rally in Southern California

adele pasted_image_at_2016_02_27_07_14_pm
Adelle Nazarian Photo

ANAHEIM — Three people were stabbed and over a dozen were arrested at a Ku Klux Klan rally in Anaheim, California’s Pearson Park on Saturday. Breitbart News was able to capture footage of the bloody melee which occurred in broad daylight:

Graphic footage below:

The brawl between the Klansmen and anti-KKK counter-protesters left at least one man in critical condition.

Blood was splattered all over the sidewalk, staining it red. At one point, activists rushed at the group and Klansmen can we seen prodding opposing activists with a flag pole.

“I heard from people involved in the scuffle that Klan members started pulling out weapons immediately,” one witness said.

Another told Breitbart News that he drove a long distance to the event “to stand directly against what the KKK stands for. I even brought my redneck truck.”

Some of the counter protesters can be heard screaming, “F*ck racism!”


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