USC Student Abused for Wearing Bernie Sanders T-Shirt

Kuba (Facebook)

Several USC students were allegedly verbally assaulted and threatened by a group of men this past weekend because one of them was wearing a Bernie Sanders T-shirt.

On top of the insults, the aggressors allegedly made extra efforts to indicate they were not Trump supporters, either.

“A Bernie shirt? You must be unemployed,” a man who was part of a group of four people, which included a woman, allegedly told USC student Kuba Soltysiak, who was with six of his friends ordering food from the local McDonalds around 2 a.m.

According to, Kuba’s friends quickly learned that the men were not joking, and were looking for a fight. One of the men called a female who intervened on Kuba’s behalf a “dumb slut.”

The Tab notes that when one of Kuba’s friends, David Bloch, made a second attempt to urge them to back off, they made antisemitic remarks, saying “You’re just a poor Jew. Look at what you’re wearing.” They proceeded to call his other friend, Stephen Davis, a “long-haired woman.”

Stephen claimed that he considered taking the hateful men on in a physical fight, but ultimately decided against it.

The men eventually left, but Kuba told the Tab that it was not the first time he had been targeted for wearing a Bernie Sanders shirt.

In spite of it all, Kuba and his friends, David and Stephen, say they still hope to vote for the democratic socialist from Vermont.

Violence can run the other way, too. The Rebel Media recently conducted a video experiment showing Sanders supporters becoming physical with a Trump supporter.

Joey Salads said that when he held up a pro-Trump sign he was assaulted. However, when he held up a sign supporting Sanders and “became a Bernie supporter, it was nothing but love.”

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