VIDEO: Great White Shark Goes Airborne in Huntington Beach

Great White in Huntington Beach (Screenshot / KABC / Screenshot)
Screenshot / KABC / Screenshot

Two friends who were surfing in Huntington Beach on Monday were able to capture the rare and awesome sight of a juvenile great white shark breaching the surface and jumping up into the air.

“Seeing them in this kind of manner … That was enough for us to say, ‘Maybe we’ll go somewhere else for the rest of the day,'” Drew Palumbo who was surfing with his friend Ben Slayback told the local CBC News affiliate in Los Angeles.

Palumbo had the GoPro camera in his mouth and simply pressed record.

Experts reportedly say this type of activity, known as breaching or jumping, is very common among great white sharks.

The breaching shark is presumed to be one of the juveniles sharks that were tagged by Chris Lowe and his team at the CSULB Shark Lab. The warmer waters, resulting from El Nino, are cited as a possible cause as to why the sharks have remained in the region lately.

Earlier this month, a whale-watching company was able to capture video of a killer whale that attacked a huge pod of dolphins in Monterey County, forcing them to swim for their lives.

Breitbart News also reported that at the beginning of this month, “tourists aboard a whale-watching boat two miles off Capistrano Beach spotted two rare basking sharks — the second-largest fish of any kind in the ocean, and a species so rare there is a special hotline for sightings.”

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