Millennial: Bernie Sanders Is ‘Probably Going to Die in Office’

Bernie Sanders greets kids (Whitney Curtis / Getty)
Whitney Curtis / Getty

Some young Democrats have expressed concern over the age of their presidential pick, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), suggesting he could die while he’s in office, should he go on to win the presidency.

“I’ll probably vote for Bernie but then he’s probably going to die in office,” Nadeshiko, a 17-year-old junior at Rosemead High School, told Breitbart News on Monday, noting that she will probably vote for the 74-year-old anyway. The aspiring actress said she is turning 18 in September, just in time for November’s general election, and it will be her first time voting in a presidential election.

Nadeshiko spoke with Breitbart News at the Neighbors Tea House, a popular local spot for high school students in the area that serves a variety of Asian-themed beverages and snacks.

She added her belief that Clinton, 68, should be positioned as Sanders’ vice president, just in case he does pass away.

“I honestly think Clinton and Bernie would make a really good combination because then you have two different sides of an idea and you can always collaborate.”

Sanders has stated that he is the vision of good health. During a January Democratic town hall hosted by CNN, he assured America that he would release his health records and said “if there was wood here, I would knock on it … I have been blessed with good health and good endurance and there’s nothing in the medical records that is going to surprise anybody.”

Clinton, on the other hand, has faced numerous questions surrounding her personal health, stemming from a concussion and blood clot which resulted in a brain injury.

While Clinton has enjoyed support from female voters and minorities, Sanders has been far more popular than the former secretary of state among the millennials — those born between 1981 – 1996.

Asked to weigh in on the Republican candidates, Nadeshiko said, “Clinton’s honestly a better choice than [Donald] Trump.” She said she believes Trump is “rude, he is racist and he has a thing where he just feels like he can say [whatever he wants to] because he has money,” and added that if he were to become president, “instead of a shopping spree, he’s going to go on a racist spree.”

Asked who her friends are voting for, she said: “I have my own group where I hang out and we all don’t like Trump.” She added, “I honestly think if Trump were to win, I’d probably go to Canada.”

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