L.A. Times Amazed to Find Latinos Who Support Trump

Latinos for Donald Trump in Anaheim (Jae C. Hong / Associated Press)
Jae C. Hong / Associated Press

Los Angeles Times columnist Robin Abcarian visited the Donald Trump rally in Fresno last Friday, and reported that she found Latinos who actually support the Republican candidate.

Who were these people, exactly, who could vote for a man who has called Mexicans rapists and murderers, who insulted the Republican Latina governor of New Mexico, who tweeted “I love Hispanics” as he ate a taco bowl at his desk on Cinco de Mayo?

It turns out that many of them are American citizens or legal immigrants who care about the country’s borders, and share the same views as fellow conservatives Republicans on a variety of issues.

His rhetoric about Mexicans doesn’t bother you, I asked?

“It’s about illegal aliens!” Jennings said. “Mom and I can’t go to Canada and just squat and get benefits. We couldn’t go to Mexico either without the proper paperwork. They’d put us in jail!”

“I’m Mexican,” Aderhold said, “and I understand that Mexicans do the farm labor, but there are a lot of legal ones. That’s how they should do it, the way my parents did.”

Naturally, Abcarian let her own skepticism poke through: “In that case, good luck in a Trump administration to all the lettuce growers in Salinas. They can’t find enough people to pick their crops even now.”

For a more conventional view, Abcarian spoke to protesters outside the arena:

Outside the arena, it was easy to find Latinos who take a far dimmer view of Trump. Polls, after all, show that he is viewed negatively by a yuuuuge majority of Latino voters.

Practically the first person I bumped into was Daniel Ortiz, a 66-year-old retired truck driver from Selma.

He carried a homemade sign featuring a photo of Trump altered to look like Adolf Hitler. It said, “FU … Trump” and “Anything can happen if you don’t vote.”

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