SWAT Team Called to Break Up Violent San Jose House Party

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A house party in San Jose spiraled so out of control on Friday night that a police SWAT team was called in to break up the chaos.

“This one just blew up, because nobody lives here. They’re not going to respect property. They just trashed it,” neighbor Ernie Villena told ABC 7 News.

Approximately 100 people reportedly showed up around midnight and gathered around a home on Mt. Shasta Drive that was in the process of being renovated. The homeowners were reportedly absent from the property.

Neighbors reportedly told ABC 7 that the party became chaotic when two groups of gang members started fist fights in the streets and started throwing bottles. One neighbor reportedly said one of the bottles hit the back window of her car and shattered it.

Local CBS News affiliate KPIX noted that it was a group of 20-30 people from the initial party that gathered outside and caused the ruckus. This led the San Jose police to arrive on scene, accompanied by a SWAT team.

The SWAT team then let off two flash bangs, or sound bombs (a non-lethal explosive device used to disorient people), which helped break up the disorder a bit, and which led to people fleeing the home and hiding in bushes around surrounding homes.

At least 20 homes were reportedly placed on lockdown as SWAT and police searched the premises. Many escaped under the cover of the night.

Although law enforcement was able to break up the party, it could leave lasting economic implications. Villena told KPIC that the home “was nearly ready to rent and now it’s going to be a setback.” He said he hopes law enforcement will be able to find those responsible and hold them accountable.

The average price for a home on Mt. Shasta Drive in San Jose appears to be around $500,000.

Gang violence has been a problem in San Jose. Last year, ABC 7 reported a major bust in the area that revealed a complex gang hierarchy, including 24 members of the Nuestra Familia gang, that was funneling money from crime profits into a state prison.

NBC notes that the San Jose Police Department has also designated five areas of San Jose as “gang zones,” or hot spots, where it plans to focus its resources.

The Hispanic Norteños and Sureños gangs make up the largest portion of gangs in San Jose. According to the city, there are 102 validated gangs in the area.

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