San Jose Police Chief: Too Many Guns In U.S., Gun Control Needed

San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia (Twitter)
San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia (Twitter)

San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia says there are “absolutely” too many guns in America, and that more gun control is needed.

Garcia also said Black Lives Matter is “a valid movement” and that his police department needs to to “acknowledge … [our] badge didn’t always stand for what it stands for today.”

According to San Jose Inside, Garcia said the Second Amendment is “very important” but “obviously very polarizing,” too. He added:

I agree with the right to bear arms, but I equally believe in the limitations that have been placed by our courts. One aspect that I find interesting is that the Second Amendment was adopted in the late 1700s. I wonder if today’s modern weaponry were available then, if that amendment would look the same. I suspect not.

When asked if there are “too many guns on American streets,” Garcia said, “Absolutely.” He added that “assault rifles” should only be available to police and the military. He defined an “assault rifle” as “a compact, long-range capable weapon with high capacity that can be fired very rapidly; originally designed for the military.”

Garcia spoke against citizens being allowed to carry guns in public for self-defense, and also spoke against allowing “teachers and principals” to carry at school for defending themselves and their students. Regarding campuses, Garcia said:

We feel our protocol of “Run, Hide, Defend (Fight)” is the best way to survive campus violence. However, if strict policies and training were in place, I would not object to having a dialogue regarding access to a weapon if all reasonable means have failed and death or serious injury was imminent on a school campus.

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