VIDEO: FedEx Driver Chucks Package at House


An Irvine resident captured video of a FedEx driver tossing a package from his truck against a wall, and then picking it up and throwing it to the front door of his home on Wednesday.

“Did you just throw that from your truck?” homeowner Adam Stoneman can be heard asking the driver in the video he posted on Twitter and sent to ABC 7 Eyewitness News.

Watch the video below:

The driver denies it at first, before Stoneman confronts him again, saying, “You did, I have it on video, bro. I got a camera recording. I saw you just throw that. Why’d you do that, man?… You don’t know what that is in there. It could be glass.”

In a subsequent interview with Eyewitness News, Stoneman said the driver told him the reason he acted the way he did was because “he was sick and tired and had a lot to do, so he didn’t want to get out of his truck.”

FedEx reached out 20 minutes after the video was posted online and they are looking into the incident:

Stoneman, whose Twitter page describes him as a “5th Generation Californian,” told Eyewitness News that he did not open the box because it was addressed to his wife and he did not want to spoil the surprise just in case it was a present for him.

Despite Wednesday’s negative incident, FedEx has been eager to support positive public services this holiday season. Breitbart News previously reported that “FedEx has teamed up with the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation to give American military members and their families Christmas trees through the Trees for Troops program.”

FedEx has reportedly shipped over 176,000 live Christmas trees to service members and their families, on 65 bases in 17 countries, and to every branch of the military, since the program’s launch in 2005.

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