Northwood Memorial, Irvine (Facebook)

Irvine Unveils Memorial to Honor Fallen Heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan

Gold Star families gathered in the Southern California city of Irvine on Sunday for the unveiling of the expanded Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial, which recognizes and memorializes the soldiers who have died defending the U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2003.


VIDEO: FedEx Driver Chucks Package at House

An Irvine resident captured video of a FedEx driver tossing a package from his truck against a wall, and then picking it up and throwing it to the front door of his home on Wednesday.

Coyote (Dru Bloomfield / Flickr / CC)

Toddler Attacked by Coyote in Irvine

A six-year-old boy was attacked by a coyote in Irvine’s Springbrook Park last Sunday and suffered minor cuts, bites and scratches on his arm.

Matthew V. Thompson (U.S. Army via Los Angeles Times)

Green Beret From Irvine Killed in Afghanistan

The Department of Defense has identified Staff Sgt. Matthew V. Thompson, a Green Beret, as the U.S. service member killed on Tuesday when an IED exploded near his patrol during a mission training Afghan forces.

Hello Kitty in Irvine (Kenneth Chan / Facebook)

Forget Pokémon: Hello Kitty Pops up in Irvine

Not everyone is obsessed with Pokémon Go. A new Hello Kitty café has popped up in Irvine, California inside a shipping container. And already, the beloved Japanese kitten is attracting droves of die-hard fans from across Southern California.

Students for Palestine UC Irvine (Facebook)

DA Investigates UC Irvine Students Over Violent Anti-Israel Protests

TEL AVIV – Orange County District Attorney’s office is investigating a violent protest held by the University of California’s Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapter in May, in which demonstrators shouted profanities at both UC Irvine Police and pro-Israel supporters.

Bernie Sanders (Mark Ralston / AFP / Getty)

Bernie Sanders Blasts ‘Rigged’ Democratic Party System

IRVINE, California — Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) addressed thousands of his supporters on Sunday, urging them to turn out and vote during the June 7 California primary, and railing against a “rigged” system that he said only his “revolutionaries” could amend.

Ted Cruz in Irvine (Jon Fleischman / Breitbart News)

Ted Cruz in California: ‘There’s a New Revolution Brewing’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) kicked off his California campaign with a rally in Orange County at Hotel Irvine — the same venue where he met privately with his entire state of proposed delegates last month. “This is the birthplace of the Reagan Revolution,” Cruz told the enthusiastic crowd, “and let me tell you, there’s a new revolution brewing.”

Craig Andrew Ledbetter (Irvine PD)

Naked Neighbor Attacks Elderly Woman in Irvine

On Tuesday afternoon, a naked man brutally assaulted a Peruvian grandmother visiting her daughter’s family in Irvine, according to the Irvine Police Department.

Iran deal peace rally (Adelle Nazarian / Breitbart News)

Iran Deal: Dozens at ‘Peace’ Rally in Orange County

IRVINE, California — On Sunday, a group of roughly 50 Iranians gathered in Orange County Great Park for a “choose peace” rally to support the Iran deal. The event, staged partly to generate images for social media, was organized by a group called OC4Peace, which is run by a team of volunteers from the National Iranian American Council, which has been described as a pro-regime lobby group.

Great Park Irvine (Joe Wolf / Flickr / CC / Cropped)

Bold: Irvine Dumps $13.34-per-Hour ‘Living Wage’

The Irvine City Council voted 4 to 1 to begin dumping an eight-year-old “Living Wage” ordinance on Wednesday night that forces most of the city’s thousands of contractors to pay all employees at least $13.34 an hour.

Expert: American Babies ‘Status Symbols’ for New Chinese Elite

Pregnant Chinese nationals have reportedly been coming to the United States for decades in order to give birth and claim U.S. citizenship for their children. Many newly-rich Chinese have done so not only to secure the benefits and protections that come with U.S. citizenship, but also, according to court documents and media reports, as a show of wealth and status.