Investors Dump Brewery After Facebook Post Opposing Women’s March

Twelve Rounds Brewery (Facebook)

The owner of a Sacramento brewery has lost investors and customers after criticizing the Women’s March against President Donald Trump on his personal Facebook page.

“I am disgusted at all of the people and politicians that supported this anti-Trump event,” Twelve Rounds Brewing owner Daniel Murphy wrote on his personal Facebook page, referring to Saturday’s Women’s March in Washington, D.C., California and throughout much of the nation.

Murphy, who owns the brewery with his wife Elle Murphy, went on to write, “The left just can’t accept loss and think they can protest their way to victory. You can’t. I am especially disgusted with the politicians that supported this divisive event. Time to vote all of these pieces of garbage out of office.”

One in 45 California residents reportedly attended Saturday’s march.

His post resulted in backlash from customers who vowed to never return to his business again. He has since deactivated his personal Facebook page. However, Murphy posted two apologies on Twelve Rounds Brewing’s public Facebook page:

“I just want people to all get along and move forward. I am sorry if I offended anyone. I had no intention of doing that,” Murphy wrote in one of the public apologies.

In the second apology, he asked for his customers to “give us another chance. We poured our heart and life savings into 12 Rounds… We invite you over to our brewery if you ever want to talk to us and get to know the real us. A former president once invited two disagreeing parties to talk over a beer. I think that’s a great idea.”

Despite the apology, three co-owners of the restaurant Red Rabbit (Matt Nurge, Sonny Mayugba and John Bays) eatery and bar surrendered their minority ownership stake at Twelve Rounds Brewing, according to the Sacramento Bee,

Some argued in favor of Murphy’s First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

However, in the deep blue state of California, most held the opposite view.

Murphy’s wife, Elle, reportedly said, “Those calls for a boycott, they carry a lot of weight. We hope and pray we survive that. We’re going to issue another apology and hope people give us another chance. But if they don’t, we’ll respect that.”

Murphy reportedly shut down his personal Facebook page on Tuesday night. The brewery’s page is still up and active.

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